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Lines Shipping is a leading full-service transport logistics provider. We support manufacturers, retailers and other suppliers in the storage and shipment of their valuable cargo. We pride ourselves in efficiency on the road, seas and in the air.


We ship out LCL, FCL and Over-sized or Project cargo from Beira, Mozambique to anywhere in the world.


At Lines Shipping we offer a diverse range of distribution and warehousing services for our clients.


We develop and execute road freight solutions by leveraging our experience and robust technology.


With a safe, innovative fleet and well-established delivery networks across Southern Africa, we are able to transport all manner of freight by road. From bicycle couriers and small trucks to prime movers, our diverse fleet can provide road freight transport for everything from parcels and documents to over-sized machinery and bulk commodities. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that our vehicles are among the safest on the roads, as well as being efficient and environmentally sound.

1. Domestic & Cross border Freight
2. Linehaul Services
3. Premium Freight Across Southern Africa
4. Heavy Haulage Solutions
5. Customs Clearance
6. Bulk Freight

1. Beverages
2. Household goods
3. Steel & Industrial goods
4. Hanging Garments
5. Vehicles & Parts
6. Fragile Goods
7. Perishables & Temperature Controlled Goods
8. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
9. Print Media
10. Dangerous Goods
11. Mining Equipment & Materials
12. Waste


Full Container Loads

We have our own service contacts that are direct to major shipping lines, we are able to provide the best rates and services for 20′, 40′, 40′ high cube, 45′, or any other full container load traffic.

Over-sized or Project Cargo

At Lines Shipping there are no limits on the type of cargo traffic we can handle. We have specialized roll-on/roll-off and crane services available for oversized machinery and vehicles. Our experienced cargo team will coordinate your shipment from the time of booking to the time of delivery.

Refrigerated or Special Commodity Services

Refrigerated cargoes, such as produce and medical supplies, are extremely specialized commodities. We have extensive expertise in the proper handling of these shipments and are confident that your ultimate satisfaction will be realized. Please contact us either via phone, email and we will get right back to you.

Less Than Container Load – LCL

We have weekly sailings from Beira Mozambique to anywhere in the world. If you require pick up from your door or delivery to your door at final destination, we can handle it. Our rates are market competitive and we pride ourselves on great customer service.


Lines Shipping recognizes that a key need of manufacturers and shippers is to be able to expand and contract with their business cycles in terms of space and labor requirements. We are also well versed in how accounts need to reduce costs through sharing overhead expenses.

Whether it involves divesting an existing operation or the design, implementation, and operations of a new facility, we take a collaborative business approach to design solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs. 

Public Warehouse Benefits

1. Enter new markets without large capital investments
2. Enter and leave markets based on customer needs
3. Improve service and reduce transportation costs by postponing final assembly
4. Have access to a full array of value-added services.

Contract Warehouse Benefits

1. Free capital for other corporate uses
2. Increase customer service
3. Increase warehouse efficiencies through process improvement and warehouse automation
4. Shift costs from fixed to variable
5. Improve information technology
6. Reduce inventory carrying costs through better planning.


Lines Shipping International FAQ

FCL is an acronym used in logistics, which means 'Full Container-Load'. This means goods from a single shipper occupy the entire container. LCL means 'Less than Container-Load'. LCL is used when a single shipper's goods do not completely fill an entire container. When this happens, in order to fill an entire container, space in the container is split between orders and/or shippers.

Sea freight is a common method of transporting goods across the world using large cargo ships. There are a number of different forms of sea freight, including:

1) Full container load (FCL) in which a single shipment is loaded into a container which might be from 20 – 45 feet long.

2) Less than container load (LCL) where several shipments share a container and are split at their destination.

3) Roll on roll off (RORO) in which lorries and other vehicles drive onto the ship with their cargo, are safely secured for the journey, and then simply drive off at their destination.

4) Dry bulk shipping, used for commodities such as metals or aggregates, which can be dropped or poured into the hold of a ship rather than being loaded on in containers.

Advantages are :
1. Cost effective method of shipping for heavy or large loads, some 4-6 times cheaper than air freight on average.
2. You can ship bigger items such as furniture, and even vehicles by sea.
3. Specialist operators can ship goods from more or less anywhere in the world using sea freight.
4. Sea freight is typically more environmentally sound than air freight.

Disadvantages are:
1. Time consuming – it can take several weeks to move goods using sea freight.
2. The pricing structure makes it less suited to small loads, which can sometimes be more cost effectively sent by air or using a courier.
3. Sea freight is more prone to damage during transit compared to air freight – although in reality it’s highly unlikely that entire containers will be lost overboard or seized by pirates.

Road Freight is the physical process of transporting cargo by road using motor vehicles. In this case, road is a lane/route between the point of departure and the point of destination. Compared to other types of transport system such as sea and air, the cost of maintaining roads is cheaper. Road freight can be in certain cases, the only way of transport in/to rural areas where other mode of transports is not available.

Warehouses are spacious and well-protected buildings used for organized storage of goods. Supply chain management for domestic as well as international trading is simplified thanks to warehousing. For a commercial shipper, the condition of your shipment is crucial as it impacts the value of your goods. Packing and warehousing ensure that your consignment is delivered in the best condition possible, whether your purpose is commercial or residential.

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